Quelles sont les précautions pour les armoires de cuisine? Ne négligez pas la sélection d'armoires de cuisine

Oct 25, 2022

The kitchen cabinet in the kitchen is one of the important main materials in home decoration, which determines the beautiful and practical function of the entire kitchen. When we generally choose kitchen cabinets, we often attach great importance to the quality of it, but ignore other aspects. In fact, kitchen cabinets are very important from design to installation. Today, I will introduce to you what are the precautions for kitchen cabinet purchase? Let you choose durable and affordable kitchen cabinets.

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Precautions for kitchen cabinet purchase 1. Design quality that is easy to ignore

Each set of kitchen cabinets needs to be tailored according to the room type, specification and function division. A good design must first meet the various practical functions of the kitchen: storage, meal preparation, washing, and cooking; the space layout and size arrangement between various operating areas and equipment are reasonable, and the use is labor-saving and time-saving. Position, column position, irregular wall position, etc.; secondly, the color matching of kitchen cabinets should be coordinated with the decoration style to meet the individual requirements of the owner; thirdly, the selected materials are durable, beautiful and easy to clean.

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Kitchen c abinet purchase precautions 2. Determine the installation quality of the results

1. Kitchen cabinet purchase depends on the overall assembly level

After a good kitchen cabinet is installed, the kitchen cabinet body and the ground are stable and vertical, the kitchen cabinets are closely attached, and the kitchen cabinet door is level; the door panel is installed horizontally and vertically, the door panel is closed tightly, and the gap between the doors is small and uniform. The countertop is smooth and clean, and the combination with the base kitchen cabinet is firm, and the back wall of the countertop is closely attached to the wall; the artificial stone countertop is seamlessly connected. The sink, the stove and the countertop are firmly embedded with no gaps, and the drainer is airtight and leak-free.

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2. Look at functional components such as slide rail hinges when purchasing kitchen cabinets

Whether the installation of drawers and pull-out racks is stable and smooth is determined by the quality of the guide rails and the installation level. Open a door, a drawer or pull blue at will, it should be smooth, silent, light, and soft rebound; the flip-up door with a pneumatic strut should be able to withstand the weight of the door panel falling. Although it is a small detail, it is an important part that affects the quality of the kitchen cabinet.

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3, Kitchen cabinet purchase to see the hanging code of the hanging cabinet

The seemingly inconspicuous small component of the hanging code actually plays an important role in the installation quality of the hanging kitchen cabinet. Regular manufacturers must pass the load-bearing test when selecting the hanging code. Only the hanging code with a load-bearing capacity of more than 50KG can adapt to the installation of the kitchen cabinet. The hanging kitchen cabinet installed with the hanging code is firm, without loosening and tilting, and the kitchen cabinet body is closely attached to the wall. When choosing, ask whether the hanging code of the hanging kitchen cabinet can be adjusted. Regular manufacturers use the hanging code installation method. After the kitchen cabinet is installed, the height and left and right can be adjusted appropriately.

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Regardez ces précautions puis allez choisir des armoires de cuisine , j'espère vous aider à choisir des armoires de cuisine durables et belles !
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